Accountable Protocol Customization

A framework for secure networking

Network protocols such as TLS can be customized through a vast array of options with unpredictable interactions and dangerous security implications.

To fight this scenario, we are developing accountable protocol customization, a framework that combines synthesis, testing, and verification techniques to extract backward-compatible, lean protocol subsets while meeting realistic functional and security requirements. Our ultimate goal is to target widely used standards for network infrastructure, secure messaging, federated authentication, and the Internet of Things.

Accountable protocol customization is a joint collaboration led by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University, and funded by the Office of Naval Research.

News story on CMU website


Anupam Datta
Professor, Carnegie Mellon

Matt Fredrikson
Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon

Limin Jia
Associate Research Professor, Carnegie Mellon

Boon Thau Loo
Professor, U. Penn

John Mitchell
Professor, Stanford

Bryan Parno
Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon

Corina Păsăreanu
Associate Research Professor, Carnegie Mellon

Benjamin Pierce
Professor, U. Penn

Andre Scedrov
Professor, U. Penn

Steve Zdancewic
Professor, U. Penn

Arthur A. de Amorim
Post-Doc, Carnegie Mellon

Karthikeyan Bhargavan
Researcher, Inria

Piotr Mardziel
Systems Scientist, Carnegie Mellon